We are a specialist breed club, affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)

The objects of the club are

The Club is represented on the Siamese (SCJAC) and Oriental Breed Advisory (OJBAC) Committees.

The Club was formed in 1964, at a time when Tabby Point Siamese were a new and unrecognised breed known as Shadow Points or Lynx Points.The success story of these beautiful cats speaks for itself, and today we have a strong Tabby Point Siamese membership. The Club also has a keen interest in new varieties and has supported the advance of the many colours and patterns of Orientals. In 1993 the Club successfully proposed the recognition of Cinnamon, Fawn and Caramel Point Siamese in solid, tabby and tortie patterns.

The TPS&PBCC offers club classes where possible at major and specialist shows. Historically these classes covered the breeds for which the club originally catered:

Nowadays the TPS&PBCC caters for all breeds of Orientals and Siamese including Havana, Oriental Lilac and Foreign White Cats.